Principal Staff

Sonya Kurzweil, Ph.D., Director, Psychotherapist
Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Kurzweil is a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist with experience in clinical and developmental research.  She received her B.S. in Education from the University of Michigan and her graduate training at Tufts University:  M.Ed in Child Study, M.S. in Psychology and Ph.D. in Psychology.  She has done clinical training at the Human Relations Service in Wellesley MA and postdoctoral fellowships at Boston Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.  She has worked at both Boston Children’s Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital.  In 1995, she founded Sonya Kurzweil Developmental Center (SKDC),  as a nonprofit organization, to provide mental health services for women, children, parents and families.  Dr. Kurzweil has been Clinical Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School since 2001. 

Dr. Kurzweil’s publications include research articles in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Infant Behavior and Development, The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy , the International Journal of Mental Health Promotion  and the American Journal of Psychotherapy.   She has co-authored  a book of poetry for children with her daughter. Together they founded (2004) and direct Project Poetry & Pictures, an international outreach program for disadvantaged children, to promote literacy, arts and self confidence in this underserved population.  (  

Dr. Kurzweil lives in Newton MA with her husband.  They have two grown children.